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Patients thinking about seeing a psychiatrist often assume that deciding to schedule an initial appointment means that they will have to take medications. 

  • However, the first appointment with me is an evaluation, a thorough and holistic review of symptoms, history, and overall life functioning to determine the cause of the problem followed by working collaboratively to establish an integrated treatment plan. 
  • I couple my experience and expertise with your preferences to make a plan that is suited to your goals. It will be based on proven methods but catered to your individual needs. 

If I think medications can be helpful, I will make that recommendation but the decision about what to do is yours alone. 

  • I will go over the pros and cons and carefully review for you all of the potential effects and side effects. 
  • With drug companies putting commercials on TV and a seemingly endless amount of information about psychiatry on the web (much of it contradictory!), there is a staggering amount of information and misinformation available. 

I specialize in cutting through the noise and presenting the proven state-of-the-art treatments in a way that is easy to understand. I also believe in integrating nutrition, exercise, supplements, and behavioral interventions to establish a comprehensive treatment plan.

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