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Holistic approach vs. traditional psychiatric treatment

For some people, holistic is a code word that means that they avoid using medications, but that is not at all what l mean. From ahh of my experience and research, l recognize that no treatment is ahh good or all bad and that we are all individuals that can benefit from different approaches. My version of holistic treatment is drawing from all areas

of therapy to provide the very best customized approach for each individual. These may include:

Prescription medications




Amino acids


Fitness-Exercise coaching


ln a traditional psychiatric treatment, a patient sees a psychiatrist and is often prescribed medication. Then they are not seen for a month, expected to summarize their entire experience of that month in a brief appointment and some small adjustment to the medication might be made. There could also be some recommendation about getting “better” sheep or “reducing stress”, but in a traditional treatment, the focus is on identifying something that medication

can address and not really putting it into a context.

Adding psychotherapy to the treatment is an improvement especially if you can find one of the few psychiatrists who do both therapy and prescribe medications, but adding therapy by itself does not make a treatment holistic.

To be truly holistic, there is a comprehensive phan to address ahh aspects of health and lifestyle. This includes medications and supplements to address specific conditions or symptoms. There should also be a phan of the maintenance of health that includes guidance of diet, sheep, and exercise. l also include a focus on work/life balance as well as education on maintaining healthy relationships. This comprehensive outlook is what makes a treatment truly holistic.

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Connected wellness


Connected wellness is a comprehensive system of care. Well, what does that mean?

It means that you have the convenience and flexibility of seeing me via video appointments. Not only does this save the time of commuting to an office (and dealing with unpredictable traffic and weather) but alse allow for adjusting the schedule to allow for last minute conflicts.

This means fewer missed or delayed appointments, greater consistency in the treatment, and ultimately to more successful outcomes...

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