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Psychiatrist in New York

I'm a good fit for patients in New York because I'm FROM New York so have experienced the specific demands of this city essentially my whole life. I'm also a good fit because New Yorkers are WORLDLY and I have a diverse background as the son immigrants and also as someone who has traveled extensively.

New Yorkers are SMART and WELL-EDUCATED.  I have that Ivy league pedigree but also have had the privilege of treating clients with very diverse educational backgrounds.

New Yorkers are BUSY.  My practice is designed to provide both the structure that busy New Yorkers struggle to maintain while also providing flexibility via a combination of office and video appointments.

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Dr. Ankur Saraiya

I specialize in cutting through the noise and presenting the proven state-of-the-art treatments in a way that is easy to understand. I also believe in integrating nutrition, exercise, supplements, and behavioral interventions to establish a comprehensive treatment plan. 


Patients come to me with a variety of mental health challenges, but no matter the what the main issue is at first, we always come up with a comprehensive treatment plan that includes adjustments to diet, tips for sleep, an exercise plan, and anything that I am aware of that might help in addition to choosing the best medications for each individual.

Therapeutic care for your specific needs



Depression is a common presenting problem, probably the most common, but it can take many forms...



Anxiety is another common reason people end up in my office and again it can take many different forms...



A misunderstood condition is Bipolar Disorder, which I also have a lot of experience treating...



The understanding of various psychiatric disorders is something that has evolved over the history of the field...

MARCH 20, 2021

Why everyone should be seeing a psychaitrist.

Often people are skeptical when I start to argue that everyone should have a psychiatrist the same way everyone should see dentist, but when you pause to think about it for a moment it actually makes a lot of sense. We all know, that preventing problems or at least identifying them early , is the best way to stay healthy and to avoid a long and painful path to recovering form any serious condition. So why not apply that to mental health? We should each meet with our own regular Psychiatrist every 6 months or so for mental health check-up. During the check-up we review...

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