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We all have an idea of what it means to feel a bit depressed, but the depression that psychiatrists deal with is more than that.  It is a distinct period of low mood often accompanied by loss of appetite and energy, feelings of guilt, poor sleep, hopelessness, the inability to enjoy things, and sometimes suicidal thoughts.  Few people have all of these symptoms so just because you don’t recognize them all does not mean you might not be suffering from depression.


As I seem to keep repeating, the good news is that we have very good treatments for depression, including therapy and a variety of medications.  Different medications are better at addressing different aspects and symptoms and I choose each patient’s treatment based on what best matches a particular patient’s situation.  Almost all patients with depression get better and in my practice, we are generally able to push a patients depression into full remission.

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Steps towards wellness

When thinking about the treatment of depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, etc. people usually associate psychiatrists with medication and medication only. In my desire to help my patients as as efficiently as possible, this narrow approach just doesn't make sense. Along with choosing the right medical treatment, the steps toward wellness include a focus on:


Diet: Everything we put in our bodies has the potential to impact how we feel. It just makes sense to include considerations about diet in promoting optimal health, both mental and physical.

Sleep: We all Know that sleep is absolutely vital, but our busy lives often eat into our sleep time and this is made even worse when depression or anxiety are part of the picture and we can't sleep well even with the time we do have I integrate optimizing sleep as part of every patient's plan.

Exercise: Like sleep, everyone knows that exercise is important but once again, people often do not convert this knowledge into action. i am a stickler about making exercise a part of all of my patients' lifestyles. This leads to fewer relapses and ultimately allows many patients to come off of at least reduce their medications.


Connected wellness


Connected wellness is a comprehensive system of care. Well, what does that mean?

It means that you have the convenience and flexibility of seeing me via video appointments. Not only does this save the time of commuting to an office (and dealing with unpredictable traffic and weather) but also allow for adjusting the schedule to allow for last minute conflicts.

This means fewer missed or delayed appointments, greater consistency in the treatment, and ultimately to more successful outcomes...

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