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Prescription Medication

Most people understand that psychiatrists prescribe medication to treat mental health symptoms.  Some of these people have had bad experiences with prescription medications and psychiatrists so have decided to avoid them altogether.  As a holistic psychiatrist, I understand this, but I also understand that medications can be deployed in a variety of ways and I don't want to rule out anything that might help cure my patients.  I choose prescription medications only if I think they are the best and safest option and the reality is that sometimes, they are just that.


It is fair to say that I became a holistic psychiatrist due to my interest in supplements.  It seemed to me that curing symptoms with "natural" remedies made the most sense.  When I dug into the world of supplements, I was shocked to see just how much "snake oil" was out there.  I guess I shouldn't really be surprised that lots of people were trying to profit by selling supplements, but I was frustrated by the misinformation and out and out misleading claims.  I use my expertise to avoid wasting time on things that don't work and utilize the supplements that have a proven track record, while keeping an open mind to newer options.


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Most people are acutely tuned in to their diets these days so vitamin deficiencies are not that common, but we always want to make sure that symptoms aren't related to a deficiency.  The good news is that once you know what to look for, it's easy to measure and easy to fix.


Amino Acids

This is really a subset of supplements but since amino acids are so closely related to the substances in the body that can modulate depression and anxiety, it's worth mentioning their importance and considering them as part of every patient's treatment.



Fitness/Diet counseling

I am not a nutritionist or physical trainer but I am acutely aware of how much diet and exercise impact mental health so am always paying attention to these details as part of every client's treatment plan.


Therapeutic care for your specific needs



Depression is a common presenting problem, probably the most common, but it can take many forms...



Anxiety is another common reason people end up in my office and again it can take many different forms...



A misunderstood condition is Bipolar Disorder, which I also have a lot of experience treating...



The understanding of various psychiatric disorders is something that has evolved over the history of the field...

Other conditions I have experience with include Sleep problems.

OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder), Co-occurring Substance Abuse Disorders.

I also work with people interested in coming off their medications making sure to do this in a safe and comfortable way.

Finally, though many of my patients come to me initially for device about medications, many end up seeing me for weekly therapy because my holistic approach that includes advice about all aspects of life really resonates with them.

if your issue is something you don´t see listed, please feel free to contact my office and describe your problem. It may be something that I've seen before and can help you with, but if it isn't, I'll offer some ideas on what you might try next. 

North Carolina: 704-897-7105

New York: 212-721-6823

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